I have a small business

What IT challenges are you facing?

“My accounting software covers my basic needs, but there are a lot of gaps. I do my accounting manually or with multiple spreadsheets.”

Solution: We will design you a solution that covers the gaps using tools such as Microsoft Access with optional links to your accounting software. In some cases we may recommend an upgrade to more powerful and customisable software such as TBS Business Accounts.

“I need to modify my system in a number of ways but I can’t justify hiring a full-time software developer.”

Solution: We can provide a software developer for 1 day a week, 1 day a month, or for whatever frequency you need.

“Any enquiries or orders from my website have to be re-entered into a different system.”

Solution: We will link your web site to your database to eliminate double-keying, and provide content to the web site from the database. REWORD.

“I have software that I think covers my needs, but I’m sure there are more possibilities.”

Solution: We will analyse your current systems and develop a strategy to ensure your IT systems support the growth of your company.

“I have a web site, but none of my prospective customers can find it.”

Solution: We will review the design of the web site, and recommend a strategy for driving the right sort of traffic to your web site.

“I know I should backup my data, but I’ve never set things up properly.I have a network, but it hasn’t ever worked very well.”

Solution: We will examine your network and backups to make sure everything is configured properly. We also provide a regular system health check service to make sure all PCs on the network are running correctly.

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