About GoalMaker Software Solutions

Our highly qualified software solutions team can customise to suit your home care needs

We are experienced Software Developers that have been developing solutions for all business types for over 30 years. We bring a unique understanding of both technology and the practicalities of running all types of business.

GoalMaker Software Solutions has assisted a vast range of industries over the years to improve efficiencies by providing lasting reliable solutions.

Kevin Seerup

Over 30 Years Experience

We are a team of software development experts based in Melbourne with over 30 years experience helping countless Australian businesses meet their goals through the delivery of cost-effective custom IT solutions. Our range and depth of experience means we have specialist knowledge of the individual needs of many industry sectors.

Highly Qualified Team of Specialists

Our team of experts includes custom software designers, Microsoft Access developers, SQL server developers, web developers, business system designers and strategy analysts. Yes, we’re geeks and we’re proud.

Customed to Meet Unique Challenges

Tailored to meet the unique needs of a range of industries, our software systems can be designed specifically to fit you.

Integrated, Smart Solutions

Our solutions can be fully integrated with existing websites or IT systems such as MYOB, QuickBooks, SAP, Access and SQL databases. With options such as cloud integration and mobile applications, we can help you become more precise, responsive and flexible.

Helping You Meet Your Business Goals

Our aim is help our clients to meet their individual business goals, which usually includes  saving them time and money and helping them grow.  We work within budgetary constraints and critical time frames  and focus on assisting clients to cut their staff costs and maximise their profits.

Working in Harmony with You

We partner with clients to ensure their needs are met, and work harmoniously with the people and operational activity of the business.

Affordable Genius

We have a range of pre-packaged solutions that can be easily customised for specific companies. This means we can get the job done without the need for excess development time, and you get better value for money.

Remarkably Simple Software Solutions

Our Highly Qualified Team of Software Specialists are ready to help you at any time.

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