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Microsoft Access Developers & SQL Server Developers

GoalMaker Software Solutions is one of Australia’s leading providers of Microsoft Access and SQL Server-based solutions.

Our systems are developed quickly and efficiently, drawing on our decades of experience using these technologies.  Our systems are always developed with the future in mind.  They are always scalable and often include sophisticated web portals.

We can develop a complete custom system from scratch or take over development and improvement of your existing Microsoft Access based system.

Why Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is a development tool that has been around since the early 1990’s.

It has proven itself over the years to be one of the quickest and most integrated development tools for developing Windows-based systems.  When combined with Microsoft SQL Server it is also extremely secure and robust. 

We have been developing using MS Access since Version 1 and have many years experience of using SQL Server as the backend database with MS Access as the frontend. This gives the best of both worlds.  We develop all of our menus, forms, queries and reports in Microsoft Access but secure the data in SQL Server and make use of Views and Stored Procedures to provide vastly improved performance. In addition we utilise the superior security within SQL Server.

What if I need to Access my Data Remotely?

There are 2 ways we can achieve this.
  1.  Using Microsoft’s RDP or TS-Plus your system can be set up for some or all of your Users to remotely connect to your system.  You are also not limited to ONLY using Windows PCs – we have a number of Clients using Apple computers to connect to their Microsoft Access databases via RDP or TS-Plus.
  2. We can develop web portals that interface directly with the backend SQL Server database. We have developed a range of web portals ranging from Client portals to Employee portals and from both full PC’s and smartphones.

Can my MS Access database interface with my Accounting System?

Absolutely! We have developed Microsoft Access systems that interface with Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and Attache.

There is no need to enter data more than once. Sometimes we develop systems that cover everything from quotes, job management and invoicing, including emailing the invoices to the customer, and then upload the completed invoices to the accounting system for cash receipting. Other times we upload the orders to the accounting system and invoices are generated from within the accounting system. It is up to you but we strongly recommend only doing one task in one place.  That is where our 30+ years of experience comes in!

Can my Access Database be Converted to a Cloud-based Application?

The short answer is “not directly”.  There are no development tools currently available that will allow us to migrate an Access database to a cloud application.

However, the backend SQL Server database can be used with either an MS Access front-end or a Web application.  As far as possible with our MS Access-based systems we utilise Stored Procedures in SQL Server for the more complex business logic. This makes it far easier to then develop a web application that uses the same Stored Procedures.

Our developers are familiar with both Microsoft Access/SQL Server and the latest Cloud technologies. This allows us to delve into the MS Access database to fully understand the requirements, then develop a Web Application that makes the best use of the Cloud technologies to produce the best outcome for you.https://floormasteronline.com.au

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