Too Many Spreadsheets or Fighting Over Spreadsheets?

Too Many Excel Spreadsheets?

This is a common problem faced by many businesses.

A spreadsheet is created to solve a problem. Then another spreadsheet is created to solve another problem and so on. Then the number of spreadsheets becomes the problem! It becomes harder to keep track of which spreadsheet contains the data you need, and often the same data is entered in multiple spreadsheets to satisfy different reporting needs.

A far better solution is to replace all of the spreadsheets with an integrated database. All of the data is held in one place and extracted in whatever format is required.  And, we can even extract selected data to a spreadsheet if you want to run “what if” scenarios or create those graphs Excel is so good at.

We can develop a complete custom system for you and even import your data from the spreadsheets.

Fighting Over Spreadsheets?

Excel spreadsheets can be opened by multiple Users but only one can change the data in the spreadsheet at a time. This is a problem if the spreadsheet is being used to track jobs, bookings or other dynamic data that needs to be continually updated.
Again, a far better solution is to replace all the spreadsheet with a database that lets multiple Users access the data at the same time. And we will make sure the data is structured for ease of maintenance without reliance on VLookups and Formulas.

Broken Spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets work well until formulas get accidentally overwritten, or rows are added that don’t contains the same formulas as every other row. Another issue is Sum formulas, when a row is added that is NOT included in the Sum which means your Total is no longer accurate.

A well designed database won’t have any of these issues.

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